Looking Fab Yet Professional in Women’s Jeans

There used to be a time when denim was deemed rugged and inappropriate for workplace settings. There even used to be a time when jeans could only be worn by men. Now, not only are women’s jeans a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, they have evolved to become one of the most flexible types of clothing as well.Women can wear jeans to almost any occasion. With dress codes loosening up by the decade, denim pants have even become an accepted option for casual business attire. There are a few points to consider, however, before pulling out those comfy blues and wearing them to the office or any corporate setting.Not all jeans are created equal. Only certain denim pants can pass off as professional wear. Such pants are usually darker in hue and feature a simple, straight cut. Embellishments, decorative stitching, and distressed accents should also be kept at a minimum. Lighter, faded looking women’s jeans, with a lot of aesthetic noise, tend to make the wearer look juvenile, hardly professional.What the pants are paired with matters too. For women planning to wear jeans, even on a casual Friday or an informal business meeting, t-shirts and tank tops are a no-no. A little accessorizing and dressy jacket may turn up the professional dial by a little bit, but button-down blouses and feminine tops are still the best bet for a fab and professional business casual look in jeans. The top shouldn’t be too tight or revealing.To look professional means to look tasteful and put together. With the right sense of style, this can be achieved even when wearing women’s jeans.

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