Guide to Making Money Online for Beginners: Don’t Let the Internet Overwhelm You!

Finding the right “guide to making money online”…Trying to find the right “guide to making money online” for beginners can be a newbie’s nightmare if you listen to all the “buy now” crap that bursts across your face when you’re scanning the internet just to learn. The trick is to learn step by step how to earn money online, and follow that guide to a tee without getting sidetracked down a different avenue.Why? Because the internet is full of different ways to make money online, and every one of them requires persistence! So if you find yourself drifting from one method to another, you’re really just wasting your time and not getting anything done.Your guide to making money online must first be aligned with the way you like to market…There are several ways to market online, from practically free to extremely expensive. The thing you must remember is that the less money you spend, the more time you must prepare to devote to marketing.Now, this isn’t such a bad idea when you’re looking first for a step by step how to earn money online guide, because, no matter how you cut it, you are in for a learning curve!So my recommendation is to start learning without spending a fortune, because that way you can learn as you go and have fun with it.Fun? How is learning how to earn money online for beginners fun?Think of it as a video game. When you’re first learning, you’re just taking in a lot of information and finding the right strategy for you. And, once you’ve nailed it, you can sit back and let the jackpot deliver your success!So what’s the first step in my guide to making money online?If you begin with a blog, your immediate cash outlay is very minimal. This way, you can practice your writing and video skills little by little. Don’t wait until you “know everything” before you start.Nobody knows everything, and marketing online is always a learning experience for all of us. The internet is just a means to exchange information for all of us, once you learn something, when you share it, you immediately are viewed as “the expert” in anyone’s eyes who simply does not happen to know that one thing that you know!And, you might have just learned it today and started blogging about it… and whala! You have just made a sale because somebody sees you as the expert!What’s the best guide to making money online for beginners? Blogging is a fun way to learn how to earn money online!Once you get the hang of blogging, you can branch out from there. YouTube marketing is another “free marketing” strategy, and linking your blog posts to your YouTube videos is a great way to get more exposure and bring up the authority of your blog.Just take it step by step towards successful online marketing. As Marin Luther King Jr. said, “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step in faith”.Before you know it, you’ll be knowledgeable on how to earn money on autopilot, and the best part is when you can help others achieve their success as well; that’s truly rewarding!

Don’t Bother Pushing, Pulling, Or Dragging Your “Lemon” Or “Clunker” In

Radio and television programs are filled with advertisements from car dealerships promising that if you give them your “clunker” or your “lemon” that you will be given thousands of dollars to spend on a new car in return. These advertisements often go so far as to tell you to push, pull, or drag your “clunker” or your “lemon” into the dealership for the transaction. Is this possible? Is a “clunker” or a “lemon” that needs to be pushed, pulled, or dragged into the car dealership really worth thousands of dollars to spend on a new car? The answer is no.Car dealerships get any money they offer to you, often through lending. When car dealerships get the money they offer back through financing, it is referred to as “dealer participation.”Here’s how it works: The purchaser comes to the car dealership thinking the car dealership must be used to obtain funding for the car and will help obtain a good rate for the car. What most buyers do not know is that the car dealership has made arrangements with financing companies to offer financing for their cars. These arrangements allow the car dealership to increase interest rates over the what the banks are willing to offer. The car dealership keeps the difference between the two rates, costing the purchaser a substantial amount of money.Don’t bother pushing, pulling, or dragging your “clunker” or “lemon” into the dealership looking for the deal of a lifetime. Having your loan in place before you walk into a dealership can help you save a tremendous amount of money in the long run. Many websites offer tools that can help you find the best car rates out there. In addition, a good place to start would be Capital One’s auto loan website, where they share tips and strategies on saving money when purchasing a vehicle. Capital One even offers a car buyers guide, downloadable from there website.

Financing Films – Use Your Tax Credits For Film Cash and Working Capital

Despite several major positives on the 2010 horizon financing films, the job of getting film cash and working capital is still a challenge for Canadian productions. Utilizing your tax credits in a creative and timely fashion is one method of raising capital in three of the main entertainment segments in Canada; they include film, television and digital animation credits.Owners of productions in these segments can be forgiven for feeling lost or having difficulty in moving a production forward.The challenge is even keener when as an owner of creator of a production you don’t necessarily have the ability to finalize distribution or pre – sales in today’s complex global environment. More than ever it is necessary to align yourself with a trusted, credible and experienced advisor in this unique business and financing area of the entertainment industry.Let’s focus on how you can in a straightforward yet creative way ensure that you are maximizing capital, and cash flow via the utilization of the current generous tax credits available in Canada. When you think of the various sources of financing for your production you should always consider tax credits, and the financing of them, as a key source of film financing and film cash. And as we noted, this applies to both televison productions as well as digital animation, which is fast coming up from the rear as a major entertainment and business segment in the industry.Tax credits should be an integral part of your overall financing strategy, and we clearly need to emphasize the need for an overall ‘strategy ‘in order to get your project completed. Identifying your tax credit financing partner will assist you in raising valuable capital and eliminating potential financing gaps in your production.A reputable tax credit financing advisor will help you navigate the maze of financial organizations that participate in financing of your tax credits – these include independent finance firms, private funds, and in some cases organizations related to accountants and lawyers in the industry.Many Canadian production owners do not realize the financing of your tax credits can be done at two different times in the life cycle of your project. Naturally once your credit has been filed and certified it is financeable at that time – generally we can say that you can received from 60-80% of the tax credit value in immediate cash and working capital, allowing you to recover a significant portion of your expenses. If we use 40% as a broad guideline (it varies between type of tax credit and type of production) you can see the cash flow and working capital power that immediate capital brings to your production.However, did you know that in many cases you can receive a type of pre- financing for your tax credit? This allows you to generate often needed working capital immediately after it has been determined that you have an eligible project, as well that its ability to be properly document re budgeted expenses and ‘ points ‘ required to be properly certified.Your ability to present a proper financing plan, demonstrate a realistic budget, and ensure that you have a team in place to document all that can generate a major part of your initial financing. Pre-financing of such a tax credit could often achieve immediate financing of at least 40% – if not more, in upfront working capital. Those funds, in connection with your other resources are often what can take the financing of your project to the goal line.Talk to an advisor in this area, ensure you understand the power and benefits of tax credit financing, and the fact that these claims can be financed prior to and during your project! That’s a winning film / TV, and animation financing strategy!